March on Blair Mountain: Appalachia is Rising

Check out this link featured on the Friends of Blair Mountain site.  I thought this would be a good post for the day and felt that this was extremely interesting and relevant to Appalachia.  This talks about a rally/march that will be held on the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Blair Mountain, where coal miners rose up against the coal operators in a fight for basic rights to live and work in decent conditions.

This time, the people of Appalachia are rising to preserve Blair Mountain, abolish mountaintop removal in Appalachia, strengthen labor rights, and advocate the creation of sustainable jobs here in Appalachia.

Also, here is a little history for anyone who is interested in the Battle of Blair Mountain as well as the history of coal miner unions. Be sure to browse through the site. There is a lot of great historical, as well as current, information! It is a great opportunity to not only learn a little history, but to educate yourself on the detrimental effects of surface mining and the importance of unionization!


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