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Women on Wednesday with Iqra Ahmad

Welcome Back!!!

It’s a new semester here at ETSU and a new semester for the women’s studies program and feminism. For some of us the semester has been off to a rough start, but nothing is really accomplished without a little hard work. As you may have already noticed there have been some changes with the blog and this semester we hope to keep it updated with at least one post a week to inform all of you what’s going on with the program. This year we will continue to host our lecture series Women on Wednesdays, so look forward for future posts about this lecture series. We would also like our students to feel free to submit writings/articles to post here on the blog, if you are interested in posting on the blog please submit your work to at!

This is the first blog of the semester so first and foremost I would like to take this oppurtunity to extend a warm welcome back to all of our students and faculty. I hope to see our program expand even further and continue to challenge and change minds. Here’s hoping for a good semester of feminist activism on and off campus!

Believe in yourself and believe in the people who believe in you! Welcome back everyone!!!

Steve Garnett

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